British Standard 7984:2014 Applies

Key holding is exactly what it states. We hold he keys for you in a safe environment and can then assist you in several ways. 

Firstly, in the event of an alarm or emergency situation we can attend your premises and have access to find out what is the problem. This service is normally used in conjunction with our First Responders service. 

We can also store spare sets of your office keys so that in the event of you losing your keys. we can attend and let you back in.  

You can also store your house. car, gate, safe and other domestic keys with us. For example, if you have lost your car keys and are stuck – call our 24 hour emergency control room and we will bring out a spare set for you so you can get home (a call out charge applies). 

The keys are kept in a tamper proof pouch which is sealed with a uniquely numbered seal, they are checked twice a day and counter checked by a Manager. In the event a key needs to be used the seal to the pouch is broken and the key used, after use, the key is replaced back into the pouch and re-sealed with another seal and logged. 

No personal data, like address, phone number etc is kept with your keys, everything is coded, so all information is on a need to know basis and no unauthorised person could extract any information. 

Our fee for the key holding service is just £25.00 per calendar month which is billed monthly in arrears. If we do not get any call outs, there is nothing else to pay.
As with all our other services you are not tied into any time contract. You can cancel at any time without any financial penalty.


A member of staff had gone into a rear yard of a unit with a high exterior perimeter fence. The door shut behind her and her keys were on a desk inside – she was stuck as all other staff members had already gone home. She called our 24-hour control room and within fifteen minutes, we had released her using our spares and reunited the staff member with her keys. Further information:

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