Static Security

British Standard 7499:2013 Static Security Applies 7858:2012 Vetting Applies

This can be a valuable asset to your business, whether it is during operational times or out of hours. When on-site during your opening times, an officer can be there to assist visitors, lend a hand with access control, provide security searches, offer staff protection, provide first aid, carry out car park patrols, and accompany staff when they’re leaving. Out of hours officers can be valuable in the protection of your premises and stock. We are also able to accept deliveries of parcels and vehicles, and supervise contract workers when they are on site.

A 24-Hour Service

Here at CHAMBERLAINS, operate 24 hours a day. You can employ a security officer for just a few hours, or full time, with the benefit of not having to employ one directly. We charge a flat hourly rate that remains the same regardless of the time or the day that an officer is required. This makes it easy for you to budget and know the cost of your security, and to use it to its maximum efficiency.

Vetted and Qualified

Every single one of our security officers has been checked by the Home Office, holds a valid licence, has been cleared for the right to work, has DBS police clearance (formerly CRB), and has been vetted.

What We Do

Here are a couple of examples of what our static security can do:

What We Do

  • Warehouse Stock Protection

  • Overseeing Night and Lone Workers

  • Logistics Operations

  • Showroom and Office Protection

  • Security Receptionist

  • Staff Safety and Back-up

  • Accepting and Storing of Deliveries

  • Hotel Safety and Car Parks

  • Public Establishments

  • Access Control

Case Study

A man was seen waving a very large knife in the street. In response, our security staff completed a total emergency lockdown of the office block in less than 30 seconds. Police arrested the suspect. Further information: 

 Location: Birmingham, Office Block
 Time: 2:25 p.m.

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