Why You Need Static Security

Establishing a safe and secure environment for your staff, clients, and visitors should be your main priority regardless of whether you are running a business, a corporate office, or a warehouse.

Now, you may have already come across different static security services while exploring security options for your site. There are plenty of reasons why using commercial security services will provide the perfect solution for you if you’re looking to add an extra level of security to your business.

As a business owner, your responsibilities don’t end in managing the daily operations. You also have to ensure that all the assets, equipment, and machinery you invested in are safe. This is where static security guards can help you.

Having a static guarding team is a pre-requisite to a successful business. Find out how your business can benefit from static security services.


Static Security: What is it for?

This involves protecting one area in one particular establishment. A security guard will mainly stay in one place, but he is not always exclusively protecting one area. Part of a security guard’s responsibilities includes patrolling different areas in a building in addition to protecting the stock/inventory, confidential business data, and other resources.


So, you see, this type of service is far from being static. It comes in many forms and is required for a multitude of commercial purposes, which include:

  • Accepting and Storing of Deliveries
  • Access Control
  • Hotel and Car Parks Safety
  • Logistics Operations
  • Overseeing Night and Lone Workers
  • Public Establishments
  • Security Receptionist
  • Showroom and Office Protection
  • Staff Safety and Back-up
  • Warehouse Stock Protection


Security guards appointed for this static service usually man a post to make sure unauthorised persons don’t enter premises or restricted areas. They take a post inside and outside banks, at convenience stores, and in big shopping centres. They can also be seen manning a post at security gates around housing estates, government buildings, and resource projects.


How is it different from crowd control?

Crowd control is another type of security service in which guards are statistically keeping an eye on things. This service is often used both to direct crowds in the direction they are to travel and also to be a source of information. Crowd control security services are employed to “control” fights and disputes and quell any disruption to proceedings.


Security guards employed for crowd control are responsible for maintaining a high level of order in major events such as community functions, private parties and functions, festivals, concerts, sporting events, and political summits. These guards often manage large crowds and ensure minimal trouble as much as possible.


Top Reasons to Use Static Guarding Teams

While CCTV surveillance and access control systems work in providing security, they only cover one half of a business’ security plan. Hiring trained and experienced static personnel covers the other half.


There are many advantages to having a static guarding team, which we’ll explore in this section.


Ensure client safety

Many people will be interested in visiting a commercial establishment if they feel safe there. If customers and visitors can appreciate the ambience and shop freely at retail shops and boutiques and also take their time to consider their options without any threat to their security, then they are more likely to have a positive shopping experience and become returning customers. Given the rate of retail crimes, commercial property owners can ensure client safety by hiring static security teams.


Even businesses that do not directly interact with the end consumer can benefit from this security service. Suppliers and visitors feel safe when they know the business is secured. They are more likely to make lasting contracts with a business that cares about its assets.


Promote effective conflict management

There’s a great deal of human interaction involved in running a business. As such, business owners can expect conflict to arise in their commercial establishment, especially on the busiest and most hectic workdays. This is where effective conflict management comes into the picture.


It doesn’t matter what the conflict is. What matters is how it is managed. Security guards have undergone extensive training on conflict management and peacekeeping in the workplace. They know how to resolve conflict in both high and low-pressure situations and can intervene professionally to keep it from escalating.


Create a safe work environment for employees

Apart from client safety, business owners also have to ensure the safety of their employees. A key requirement for a flourishing business is establishing a secure and comfortable work environment where the staff is not constantly worried about their safety. This is especially of utmost importance if your establishment is located in an area with high levels of criminal activity.


If your business belongs to a niche with an escalated risk of workplace violence (like the retail sector where workers are routinely harassed verbally), having a team of trained and professional guards on site will give your staff the peace of mind to go on their workdays at full capacity.


Detect offences and criminal activities

To ensure vigilant surveillance, a static guarding unit would be present at your property for specific hours during the day. When their security services are coupled with advanced technological solutions like CCTV surveillance, you can rest assured that offences and criminal activities will be detected. Static guarding teams are composed of experienced security professionals who know how to spot unusual behaviour and intervene on time to prevent any offences or criminal activities at your site.


Deter criminals

In support of what’s mentioned above, having a static guarding team at your site is a great visual deterrence that sends a message to opportunists out there. They have to get past well-trained security officials before they can enter your property. Burglars and trespassers are discouraged by the presence of security guards that they only target unmanned sites.


While alarms and CCTV surveillance can spot acts of burglary and vandalism, these solutions are rendered useless without a static guarding team who can handle any trespassers on site.


Safeguard Your Business with Static Security Services

Static safeguarding teams can respond to emergencies like security alerts, workplace accidents, and fire alerts. They’re an invaluable part of any business. Protect your clients, staff, and the general public as well as your assets, stock and equipment by working with a static guarding unit. To find out more about our commercial security services here at Chamberlains, don’t hesitate to get in touch.