Key Holding: What Is It?

Security is a common concern among property owners and entrepreneurs who have a large area to protect. Running a business is often fraught with many responsibilities, which may include implementing tight security measures to protect assets, clients, and employees. With all of the daily tasks to manage, worrying about security and spare keys only adds more load on your shoulders.

This is where getting a key holding service comes into play. It can take the hassle out of worrying about security. Let’s take a deep dive into what this service entails and the benefits it offers.

Key Holding: A Quick Definition

Simply put, it refers to a specialist security service where a security firm is hired to hold a set of keys to a commercial or industrial property. The keys are kept in a secure and off-site location and will be used in the event of a security breach, such as a burglary. Responding to this kind of security issue is the responsibility of trained and reliable security personnel.


How does it work?

Small- to medium-sized businesses will nominate a selected member of personnel or work with a security firm to respond to a security issue and other emergencies. Holding a set of keys or a specific access code, they will be alerted when an alarm is set off (no matter the time of day or night). In small shops and offices in safe surroundings, this system often works.

Larger companies, especially those in busy industrial zones or urban areas, need something more specialised. When you hire a professional key holding service, a specialist security firm takes the first-response responsibilities on themselves, giving you and your staff more flexibility around other duties. Trained and experienced security personnel will have a set of keys to access the premises.

The most reliable thing about this service is that the keys are locked up securely at the firm’s centre of operations. This means that there’s no risk of security issues due to inside jobs. When an emergency occurs at four in the morning, a member of your staff doesn’t have to respond as the matter will be taken care of by the security firm’s trained professionals.


Why is professional keyholding best for businesses?

You can gain several benefits associated with emergency response time when you hire a professional keyholding service. The contracted security firm will respond rapidly. Making their way to your premises immediately, you can rest assured that your business is safe with the level of response they deliver.

As you can imagine, professional keyholding has a wide range of benefits to any business, and that’s what we’re looking at in this section.


It’s safer

Let’s start with the most obvious one: this specialist service is a lot safer. Suppose a member of your staff can respond to false alarms with ease. But think of what happens when the alarm is genuine.

After calling in the police, a security professional may still be forced to take action to protect the premises and themselves. Entrusting this responsibility to trained security professionals makes practical sense. It’s much more beneficial to your business to have trained security personnel than regular members of your staff respond to alarms.


There’s no room for confusion

Another advantage of a professional keyholding service is that it cuts out the confusion. Trained security professionals know what to do at all times. They went through relevant training and have the right knowledge on how to respond to emergencies and security threats.

They’ll be able to provide an effective response regardless of the issue at hand. If you leave the keyholding responsibilities to your in-house staff, miscommunication might get in the way. This is likely to happen if you have multiple keyholders who don’t have clear communication strategies under these circumstances.


Get guaranteed and prompt response

This professional service is also known as a control room service, which means that the security firm’s control room is alerted immediately when an intruder alarm in your premises is activated. Your contracted security firm’s control room is manned 24/7 by on-alert security professionals.

They’re ready to respond at a moment’s notice, so you can be sure that any emergency will be handled right away. Consider that more laboured response time you get when you leave the responsibility to regular members of your staff.


Your staff remains safe

Your staff is at a higher risk of getting injured if the emergency is a real threat. You can keep your staff safe when you leave the keyholding responsibilities to trained security professionals.


Professional Keyholding Services from Chamberlains

Here at Chamberlains, we offer a wide range of security solutions, including keyholding services. Our helpful team can hold the keys for you in a safe and secure environment. We can also assist you in the event of an alarm or emergency situation. For more information on this specialist service, don’t hesitate to get in touch.