How Our First Responder Service Can Be Good for Your Business

Not many people realise the importance of first responders in a business. They are always proactive and ready to protect people in need, every day. They are dubbed as the unsung heroes of our generation as they risk their lives to make sure that everyone is safe.

If you are a property owner, you should know the importance of having a first responder service. Of course, you want to always protect your business or property. And what better way to do it than to book a first responder service. Having this security measure in place gives you peace of mind that a highly certified team is on high alert to protect and oversee your commercial building or residential space.

In this blog, we’ll go over the importance of this security measure, including the advantages of hiring one for your business.

First Responders: What Do They Do?

First responders are essentially professionals who are trained to handle different kinds of emergencies. While every emergency is unique, the role of the first responders is to offer a streamlined approach to deescalate the situation.

Every first responder’s mission is to gain command and control of the scene. When they arrive at your property, they will inspect and detect any suspicious and harmful presence. After which, they will evacuate and decontaminate the property, as well as protect the personnel on-duty. Depending on the emergency crisis, they will contain the risk or seek additional resources if need be.


How Can a First Responder Help Your Business?

As a business owner, you have tons of responsibilities to think about. On top of your priority is security. You want to guarantee that your assets and staff are safe and protected from any unprecedented situation. That’s where first responders come in. As highly trained and uniformed officers, Chamberlains’ first responders can attend to your property day in and day out.

They will be on-call whenever there are suspicious activities inside and around your property to check on it and contain the situation before it becomes serious. Let’s go over the different ways in which first responder service can help you:


They are always on standby in case of any emergency

Let's be honest; police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel don’t often get to the scene quickly. During a break-in or fire, these couple of minutes waiting for help to arrive is critical. It can make a difference in keeping everyone safe.

Unfortunately, we can’t predict when emergencies occur. If you only have limited staff who aren’t trained and equipped to handle these situations, you can only imagine the worse thing. This is why first responders are helpful.

As your internal team controls the situation inside the property, the first responders can also quickly address any possible threats and diffuse the crisis inside and out. This security measure effectively creates a positive and proactive solution, rather than just simply waiting for the right authorities to arrive at the scene.


They observe the situation and tally vital information

The main role of first responders is to preserve life and property. However, while the suppression operations are ongoing, they also observe other things that can be helpful to investigators.

There are just a few pieces of information that the authorities might miss. So, first responders fill in this gap as they can potentially see and check the scene before the authorities arrive.


They provide information to the authorities

The great thing about first responders is that they are extremely capable of assessing an emergency. They are trained to identify and tally necessary information for EMTs, police officers, or firefighters. This way, they help the right authorities prioritise and triage individuals who need help.

Aside from that, they also offer initial rescue or first aid before advanced medical care personnel and the ambulance arrives. In other words, they may provide basic medical assistance, be it CPR or wound care, to an accident victim. However, they will stop when more qualified personnel can take over the task.

You see, first responders do not simply act on security alarms and suspicious criminal activity. They can also help you with various emergencies to notify the proper authorities.


Be Proactive, Trust Chamberlains’ First Responders Now!

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