How Mobile Patrols Cover Your Needs

Peace and order are essential in every community. That is why property and business owners employ mobile security patrols to move around their premises. It fosters good relationships among the citizens, giving them a sense of security to carry on with their lives with no fear. If you’re still thinking about whether or not you need to have security guards or officers, read this blog.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Mobile Patrol


1. Cost-Efficient

Hiring full-time security officers costs more than having mobile patrols. In this arrangement, you have the freedom to choose the terms the guards will follow in terms of watching over the different parts of your premises. Meaning, you can decide the duration of the guards’ duty and the scope of their responsibilities. This way, you will only pay for the services you need.

Moreover, security officers prevent burglaries and vandalism. There’s no need for you to pay costly fees to fix damages and for lawsuit settlements without these issues.


2. Helps Prevent Crime

Some business locations are prone to crime and unlawful activities such as robbery, shoplifting, employee theft, burglary, and vandalism. When this happens, business owners may lose both their customers and employees because they fear their safety every time they are in the establishment. And no one wants that to happen.

Therefore, it is essential to have mobile security patrols for complete commercial security. They help detect any suspicious activity before a crime happens. Moreover, the presence of patrols encourages the public to report any suspicious activity they see in the area, and at the same time, communicates a message to the criminals that they shouldn’t be there.


3. Gives Peace of Mind

In addition to the abovementioned benefits of having mobile patrols, zero or lesser crime rates also assure people that they are safe within the premises. Thus, they will have peace of mind. More importantly, it paves the way for your employees to work efficiently because they can focus on their responsibilities without thinking much about their safety.

And if some employees don’t feel safe walking in that area on their way home, the guards can escort them to the nearest bus stop, vehicle, or other public transport.


4. Provides Immediate Response to Emergencies

Anywhere we go, we will never know when emergencies happen. These unforeseen events need immediate attention so that the situation will not get worse. This is when mobile patrols cover your needs.

In instances of physical injury, these people are trained to do first-aid measures to minimise the injury and prevent disability in the future. With a patrol on the site, there will be someone to attend to the injured person while the first responders are yet to arrive.

Furthermore, their immediate response to emergencies is guaranteed since they have patrol cars, enabling them to go to the site that needs attention quickly.


5. Secures Your Property

Nowadays, you can never be sure about anything. And that includes the safety and security of your business. Keep potential damages, losses, and injuries at bay by having mobile patrols for industrial security. With them, break-ins, arson (or fire), and other security threats can be kept to a minimum or none at all.

They also make sure that your property is safe after it closes. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your business’s safety and security as you sleep at night.


Secure Your Property with Chamberlains

Our professional security team at Chamberlains will help you deter trespassers and burglars. We offer two types of mobile patrol services, specifically:


Standard Mobile Service

For our standard mobile service, we guard your premises and make sure that it is safe from the outside. We attend to your exterior doors to prevent robbery, car parks, and gates.

We recommend this package for industrial units, showrooms, and warehouses.

The price for our standard mobile service starts at £9.50 per visit.


Enhanced Mobile Service

The level of security we offer for our enhanced mobile service is the same as the standard mobile service but with a heightened level of safety for your business. This covers services such as entering your premises to turn off the lights and appliances as well as locking the internal doors of your property, only if you permit us to do so.

The price for our enhanced mobile service starts at £12.50 per visit.


Why Choose Us?

With our years of experience in the industry, you can always depend on our mobile security when it comes to the safety and security of your property. Plus, we respond to urgent situations and won’t tie you in a contract, so you’re not obliged to avail of our mobile security patrol services in a specific timeframe. Call us at 0121 540 0121 for more details about us and the services we offer.