How a Security Team Can Keep Events Safe

A lot of factors should be considered to make an event as memorable as it can be. Apart from the technical aspects, event planners need to keep their guests, attendees, staff, and volunteers out of harm’s way. It only makes sense to allocate a portion of the budget to event security.

By hiring a good security team, planners and organisers can keep their events as safe and secure as possible, whether it be a concert, festival, or conference. From bag checks to searches, trained security personnel can assess risks that might reduce the security of any event. Learn how a security company’s entry control service helps keep events safe.

Security Team Members Are Trained To Gauge Security Risks

Among the many responsibilities of event security personnel is to assess any attendees or guests that may pose a risk. Of course, event organisers can’t do a background check for every attendee, which is why the event security team will take it upon themselves to identify potential risks. They do bag checks and searches to ensure that no guest brings firearms or any weapon that can cause harm to other people in the venue.

They also apprehend attendees who cause a scene. If you have high-profile attendees, you can also ensure that they are protected from disruptors when you have a security team on standby.


They Are Tasked With Controlling The Crowd

It’s safe to assume that something can always go wrong in a large crowd. We can’t always expect staff members and organisers to manage large groups while managing other aspects of the event. This is where a seasoned security team comes to the picture.

They are comfortable with controlling a huge crowd. They can also exert authority when needed. Security personnel are trained in crowd management and entry control, and part of their responsibilities include the following:

  • asking guests to move away if they’re blocking the exit;
  • monitoring the registration line to keep it organised;
  • preventing people from cutting the line; and
  • ensuring guests don’t stray into areas reserved for VIP or staff-only areas.

They also ensure that the crowd never grows beyond the venue capacity limit. If you are planning to host an event, bear in mind that going over capacity can result in fines from the venue administrator. That is why hiring an event security team can prove helpful as they can assist you in keeping track of total numbers.


They Man Security Checkpoints

One of the many ways that security companies protect people from security threats is through checkpoints. A seasoned security team like Chamberlains will set up checkpoints away from the gathering that attendees must pass through to get inside the venue. Possible agitators are forced to confront the security personnel long before they can cause any damage.

It’s always advised to install a registration desk right outside an auditorium’s doorway or a few hundred feet away in the facility’s lobby. If an uninvited person tries to enter the venue, the security team will be able to stop them before they reach the crowd.


They Keep Private Events Private

Big companies announce their events publicly, even if they are not open to the public. They post these events on websites, in press releases, in newsletters, and on social media. While it’s not open to everyone, there will always be risks of agitators coming to the venue and causing harm to the event attendees.

Notice how the world-famous MET Gala is announced publicly but remains private. Security guards can be seen throughout the venue. They keep the event as private as possible. For organisations and companies that wish to keep their events exclusive, hiring a security team is the way to go.


They Prevent Large-Scale Attacks

The reality is that big crowds are an easy and soft target, which is why security teams are never absent in large events. As mentioned above, security teams are trained to look for weapons and items that can be improvised as weapons. They also collect contraband items like chemical materials that can be used for large-scale attacks.

With a security team manning the venue, agitators are discouraged from disrupting the event and causing harm to the attendees and guests. Thus, event planning should always include crowd management and security. Security companies like Chamberlains ensure that no attack takes place while the event is ongoing.

They can be a big help during a crowded and high-risk event. So, make some room in your budget to hire experienced security professionals.


Keep Your Events Safe With Chamberlains

Are you organising an event? You might want to work with a seasoned security company like Chamberlains. We employ security professionals with extensive experience in entry control and crowd management. At Chamberlains, we keep your events safe.