Explaining Our First Responder Services

Central to the peace and order in every property are security patrols. There’s no better alternative than having trained professionals around the premises to ensure site security. With their critical skill set in handling tense and threatening situations, security officers are able to deliver a sense of protection. 

Whether that is you individually, your family, assets, or your business and employees that need protection, you want to get the physical and emotional assurance that you can carry on with your lives safely. Fortunately, first response security services are available to establish peace and order in your property. Read this blog if you’re still thinking about whether or not you need to hire security services.

Understanding First Response

Suppose an intruder alarm or automatic fire alarm is activated. Of course, the next logical step is to find out what is happening as quickly as possible. This is to limit the potential loss to a minimum if any untoward incident does happen.

Health and safety in the workplace are mandatory. It’s not acceptable to send in employees into a potentially hazardous environment without a full risk assessment. Employers are responsible for the first responder’s welfare.

Any member of the staff that is tasked with responding to fire and intruder alarms should have proper training and equipment. They are also to be provided with essential items such as a stab-proof vest, helmet, slash-proof gloves, and wrist protectors. There should also be control room back-up, among others.


How Does First Response Work?

When an intruder or security alarm goes off and we are called out to your premises, our team will ascertain the reason for the call. We will then escalate the call to whatever your pre-arranged instructions are in the event of a break-in, fire, or other serious emergencies. If it is a false alarm or small incident, you and your staff can rest assured that we will deal with the matter at hand.

Having serviced the industry for many years, we have observed that the emergency services will only respond when they have a manual confirmation of the incident. We have seen first-hand that the police and fire departments will not always respond promptly to alarm activations. Understandably, this may be due to some factors like staffing levels, cost, and the huge number of call-outs received on a daily basis.

With our mobile security team already out on the road, we can save vital minutes. We guarantee that our response time is within the British Standards. We can also save the employees from injuries and the employers from penalties.


Why Use First Response Services?

The peace of mind you get with first response services is immediate and lasting because of the following reasons:


They add a heightened sense of awareness

With security services, you have an extra pair of eyes and ears at all times. The presence of security officers is purposeful and distinct. These skilled officers can provide immediate action in multiple possible scenarios such as deterring hostility and de-escalating a tense situation.

They not only help maintain balance within your premises but also cultivate situational awareness. With their presence, individuals become judicious and observant about unusual behaviour of civilians, employees, and other people around them. This leads people to want to do the right thing and cooperate in creating a positive and proactive culture.


They handle security issues efficiently

When it comes to protecting assets and assessing a situation for the best means of action, clear judgment is of utmost importance. An incident being detected and addressed in two minutes versus two hours could spell the difference between safety and disaster. Handling security issues in an efficient manner becomes even more critical when the threat environment changes quickly.

The situation should be contained as soon as possible to avoid panic and escalation of threat. This is why having an organised procedure and proper staffing is beneficial. The issue is resolved effectively and the business can return to its standard operations quickly.


They are highly trained

Note the essence of having a team of responders during an emergency. These responders include security personnel, law enforcement, fire department, and medical personnel. They are familiar with protocols and are trained to deal with emergency response and clear reporting.


They help reduce crimes

Security officers can help reduce crimes. They are physical visual deterrents from crime. Even the lone presence of a security officer will dramatically reduce the rates of crime.

This also prevents the likelihood of an assailant inflicting harm on the staff, clients, and others. As mentioned above, security officers are highly trained. They can easily catch someone causing trouble on your property and stop the perpetrator.


Turn to Our First Response Security Service

If you’re anywhere in Birmingham and the West Midlands, let our team respond to fire or intruder alarms. Get in touch with us at Chamberlains to hear more about our mobile security services.