The Benefits of Static Security for Your Business

Your business has to be protected at all times. Your investments and other assets may be vulnerable to threats from all fronts when you grow complacent about security. That is why, aside from putting in resources in developing your business, it is essential to consider all the things you must do to keep your investments and assets safe. One of the things you can do is to hire static security services.

Why get static security services?

There are so many reasons why you should get a security team on board. Aside from protection, you also get other benefits like improved customer experience inside your shop. Before we delve into all the benefits that your business can attain from having a robust static security team, we must first discuss all there is to know about this kind of security service.


What is Static Security?

Just because it has the word ‘static’ in it doesn't mean that all it entails is sitting around in the same spot all day. On the contrary, a static security team actually has a lot on their plate. From conducting regular security patrols to ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity, this type of security job truly is far from being stationary.

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the job – all of which you will learn along the way. But for starters, we have listed all the responsibilities that static security personnel have on the job.


What are the responsibilities of a static security guard?

Some of the most demanding responsibilities of a static security guard include controlling crowds, guarding the vicinity equipped with the proper armaments, gatekeeping, patrolling the grounds, and monitoring the area through CCTV units. With a static security guard’s service, many business and work sites have successfully kept trespassing, vandalism, and other offences at bay. Some of the most common business sites that rely on security services include shopping centres, factories, production sites, car parks, construction development grounds, and office buildings.


The number of establishments that have benefited greatly from static security services is not only limited to private ones. Even public institutions owe a lot of their safety to static security guards and officers. Some of these public establishments include schools, museums, theme parks, and so many others.

On top of all the responsibility they have to the clients or visitors, they also have to ensure the safety of the staff. Sometimes, they even have to protect the staff from other staff members. This is because not all burglaries and crimes are done externally. Sometimes, they are done by staff members who can slip past right under our noses, but not to security professionals.

Static security officers also make sure that internal activity is carefully monitored, too. They see to it that the appropriate safety measures are followed by all the staff members. In some companies, security officers even provide weekly reports to the higher-ups about deviant incidents that have happened on the ground. They take the time to familiarize themselves with company rules and regulations and see to it that they are followed by every staff member. These policies include no smoking on the property, keeping the identification cards on their person at all times, and so on.


Another thing they do is to assess security risks and provide solutions to mitigate and manage those risks. For instance, if they notice that there are unguarded entrances to the establishment, they may suggest adding more officers to watch over those entry points, or recommend an immediate repair to close up unwanted entry points. They also take note of suspicious people who may come around the area and keep watch until they can make sure that everything is safe. They are also the first responders to most emergencies that happen within the premises.

A static security team must work efficiently to ensure the safety of everyone in the establishment. This means that they need to have a plan to prevent unfortunate incidents in the future. Should any unfavourable incident happen on their watch, they must already have a protocol in place.

In a nutshell, here’s a condensed version of what a static security team can do.

⦁ Access monitoring (Gatekeeping)
⦁ Conduct high-level security consulting
⦁ Closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring
⦁ Provide licensed guard dog teams

Aside from these tasks, there are some other uncommon things that static guards can do not only for your company but for the community as well.

For instance, did you know that static guards can also help reduce the environmental impact of your business’s daily operations? It would not be surprising to know just how much energy it takes to keep an establishment running. Static guards can help dampen the blow by simply turning off the lights when they are not being used, switching air conditioning units off when there are no people to cool off, and many other simple, yet impactful, gestures. In fact, static guards have to undergo rigorous training in handling energy wastage before they are deployed.

The presence of static guards is also helpful for the shoppers, employees, visitors, customers, and everybody else inside the establishment. Seeing that the store or building is well-guarded can help reassure them and give them peace of mind. Their presence alone can help deter criminals from doing anything harmful to the people in the first place.

The responsibilities of static guards often intertwine with the benefits of having them. Here, we also provide a comprehensive look into all the benefits that your business can have from a quality static security service.


Prevents Crimes from Taking Place

Unwanted visitors can easily disrupt your business if it doesn’t have enough security. Aside from reinforcing your security with CCTV cameras, it is also wise to fortify your establishment with uniformed officers to watch over the place. As mentioned before, their presence can be an effective deterrent against burglars and other criminals.


We understand that you have got a lot to protect – things like personal data, sensitive company information, valuable equipment, expensive tools and machinery. All these things are at risk of getting into the wrong hands. So, make sure that you have a strategic approach to securing your business. If all else is too much of an expense, stick with the basic security packages that a lot of providers can easily provide.


Keeps the Guests and Staff Safe

When guests know that they are safe whenever they are buying from your shop, for example, there’s a higher chance that they’ll keep going back. Keeping up a reputation of safety and trust amongst your customers is vital for any business. That is why having a team of highly-qualified static guards at your beck and call is very important.


And if ever there is any potential threat present in the area, static guards are there to ensure the guests and staff’s safety above all. Risks can run from natural disasters and accidents to assaults. Their wellbeing is regarded as the number one priority. Thus, the need for a well-established risk management system is a must before the static guards can even start working.


Reassurance to the Guests

As discussed before, having a static guard is helpful in so many ways, most especially in giving the guests peace of mind. When you operate a business, the only assets and investments at risk are not only your own. Everyone who comes and goes in and out of the establishment also has their assets and personal belongings with them – items that can also be targeted by unwelcome visitors.


The cases for criminal damage and vandalism across the country are far and few in between, but they still happen. On the off chance that your business becomes a potential target, you need experienced guards on duty to make sure nothing terrible escalates. Under their protection, the area can be patrolled and monitored for heightened safety.


Help in Times of Crisis

Even with the vaccines rolling out within the next few months, the threat of the pandemic is still unfortunately very present for so many businesses. This naturally extends towards their employees, clients, visitors, associates, and many others. Remarkably, static guards were one of the essential workers that had to stay out and keep everything safe outside while everyone else is quarantined inside their homes.


From supermarkets and offices to warehouses and construction sites, they have been a constant force in ensuring that everyone is safe. They stay firm on implementing social distancing policies at your place of business. Wearing masks is also another thing that has radically changed the way we do things.

Thankfully, static guards will always be there to see to it that everything is in order. They make sure that everyone is following the current safety measures upon entering, promoting safety and health to everyone else inside the premises.


Mitigates Potential Hazard

Now more than ever, static guards have the incredible responsibility to not only look after guests and employees at the time of a global pandemic. They are also taking on the task of preventing any other potential hazards on site. These potential hazards include fire damage, flooding, and so on. With a static guard on site, incidents that could have easily engulfed your business are immediately controlled.


Keeps an Eye Out for Other Dangers

Static guards can act as an extra set of eyes and ears. The only difference is that they keep their wits about to make sure your customers, employees, and everything else in your place of business is safe. Even from the simple task of enforcing company policies, static guards can easily be seen as your trusted right-hand in business.


Now that we have discussed all that they can offer in-depth, below are some of the steps that security professionals must go through before they are deployed for service.


Steps for Becoming a Security Guard

Most security companies require their employees to at least have a high school diploma. But individuals seeking opportunities in this field are still very welcome regardless of their educational background. Besides, there are special courses that they can take to further their careers. They can take an associate’s degree in criminal justice, for instance.


But what companies are really looking for, however, are particular skills that are often not found within the four walls of the school. Some of the most demanding jobs, such as static guarding, require abilities such as the following:

⦁ Effective communication skills, both oral and written
⦁ Critical thinking and planning
⦁ Quick thinking, especially in times of crisis
⦁ Mindfulness to the welfare of the customer
⦁ Dedication to public service
⦁ Knowledge of public safety and security measures
⦁ Knowledge of laws and regulations in the given field
⦁ Independence and self-determination

There is, of course, a lot that goes on beneath the surface. What we have listed here is just a condensed list of all the things that security guards are capable of doing. Different situations require a different approach, after all. To become full-fledged security guards, interested individuals will need to proceed through steps similar to the ones below.

First, they have to apply for an open position as a security guard. The company will then hold a rigorous set of interviews to determine their eligibility. The applicants must also pass a background check to ensure that they are not hiding any information from their employers. It is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that all their applicants are cleared before getting hired. Once hired, the static guards must also undertake on-the-job training to further refine their skills and abilities.


Static Security: FAQ

We are pretty certain that there might be some questions already brewing in your mind at the moment. To answer some of those queries, here is a short FAQ section that might give a little enlightenment.


What kind of schedule do security guards have to follow?

It depends on the nature of your business. Static guards are trained to adapt to your schedule, not the other way around. They typically work eight-hour shifts. Their hours can be adjusted depending on an agreed-upon schedule.


Are there any risks in working as a security guard?

Static guards do have to anticipate all the risks that could happen not only to the guests and employees but to themselves, too. There is a significant possibility of injury, especially when dealing with unpredictable forces or individuals. The risk also depends on the nature of the business they are protecting.


Can security guards be tested for drugs?

It depends on the security agency that hires them. Most agencies do subject their applicants to a drug test to ensure that they are hiring drug-free individuals.


Have some peace of mind and leave your business under the care of experienced static security professionals from Chamberlains. We offer 24-hour security and on-site security at rates that are suitable for businesses of any size. Talk to our representatives today and have the protection your business deserves.